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Player Announcements

2024-25 Season - Welcome to the Club!

Newly committed NHC member Marcus Amizial

Welcome, Marcus Amizial! Marcus started playing hockey at age 4, and, last year, he played on the U16 AAA Moncton Thunderbirds. Marcus chose NHC and NFA because he believes it will take him to the next level in hockey and in the classroom. 

Newly committed NHC member Donovan Burke

Welcome, Donovan Burke! A strong player on both sides, Donovan has good vision and a good scoring touch with strong play on special teams. He chose NHC and NFA not only for hockey, but for academics, too, and he’s excited to play with many of his old teammates. 

Newly committed NHC member Jack Fraser

Welcome, Jack Fraser! Jack brings both offensive and defensive skills to NHC. This year, he averaged more than a point per game. Last year, he was named his team’s defensive MVP. The welcoming family atmosphere of the team and campus is what drew him to NHC and NFA. 

Newly committed NHC member Leo Tardif

Welcome, Leeo Tardif! Leeo’s goal is to become a better player and develop skills to achieve additional success on the ice. Leeo chose our program because he knows the NHC and NFA combination offers great hockey and academics. 

Newly committed NHC member Naim Faraji Bautista

Welcome, Naim Faraji Bautista! Naim chose NHC and NFA because he wants to improve as a player and a person. One of his highlights is being part of the pre-select national team, and the other is joining our program and bringing his game to NHC next season.


Newly committed NHC member Tiger Park

Welcome, Tiger Park! Tiger started playing hockey when he was seven. He’s a strong skater and can create plays. He chose NHC and NFA because he believes it will help him develop into a better player and help take him to the next level in his career.  

Newly committed NHC member Oliver Li

Welcome, Oliver Li! Oliver recently won the best goalie award in Quebec for AAA hockey. He’s also fluent in three languages: English, French and Mandarin. Oliver chose NHC because of its well-rounded program combining great hockey and great academics.

Newly committed NHC member Maxime Santander

Welcome, Max Santander! Born in France, Max had the chance to play in his home country this year, which was a great moment for him. Max is excited about playing at the U18-AAA level and working with Coach Sheehan and the NHC team. He likes the NHC and NFA combination of high-level hockey and high-level academics.  

Newly committed NHC member Louka Dorgere

Welcome, Louka Dorgere! A forward from Montreal, Louka is a strong skater with a long reach. He won the Montreal Cup in 2018 with the Centre Sud Blackhawks. Louka chose NHC because of the family feel with the players and staff. He’s confident playing for NHC will help him achieve his hockey goals. 

Newly committed NHC member Nikko Turenius

Welcome, Nikko Turenius! An explosive and dynamic skater, Nikko is a physical offensive defenseman. In addition to hockey, Nikko is a two-time member of the Eastern Regional Choir and the principal flautist in his school band. A local, Nikko dreamed of playing for NHC once it became fully established. Now, that dream is coming true.

Newly committed NHC member Elliot Viens

Welcome, Elliot Viens! A center on his U18 D1 team, Elliot is a strong defensive forward with great vision and dedication. Elliot found a perfect match for his academics and hockey career with NHC. He’s excited about the academic offerings at NFA while being a part of a competitive hockey program. 

Newly committed NHC member Colin Harel

Welcome, Colin Harel! A left wing from St. Chrysostome, Colin played minor hockey for St. Remi Minor Hockey Association, and he played for his school. He chose NHC because he wants to live the experience of playing hockey in the US without neglecting his education. He believes NFA and NHC are a perfect fit. 

Newly committed NHC member Alexandre Archambault

Welcome, Alexandre Archambault! A forward from Granby, Quebec City, Alexandre has been playing hockey since he was 4. He’s a hard worker on the ice and in school. He chose NHC because of its great record during its first two seasons, and he believes it will take him to the next level. 

Newly committed NHC member Samuel Croteau

Welcome, Samuel Croteau! A forward from Quebec, Croteau plays well on both ends of the ice with strong skating and excellent vision. He chose NFA and NHC to grow both academically and on the ice by pushing himself to reach his goals and become a better person. 

Newly committed NHC member Konsta Turunen

Welcome, Konsta Turunen, our second player from Finland! Konsta, a goalie, participated in the 2022 Pohjola Pre Camp, which is the way to the Finnish National Team. He chose NHC because it gives him a chance to develop into a better goalie. He also likes that NFA makes it possible to smoothly combine school and hockey. 

Newly committed NHC member Jacob DeCarufel

Welcome, Jacob DeCarufel! A center from Trois-Rivieres, Jacob is finishing his current season averaging more than a point per game and having participated in two league all-star games. Jacob chose NHC to develop his hockey skills and to have a rich academic experience at NFA. 


Newly committed NHC member Mazhit Imashev

Welcome, Mazhit Imashev! A defenseman from Kazakhstan, Mazhit is looking forward to starting his career in the US with NHC. Mazhit is impressed by the family atmosphere of our team and school community, as well as the high-level of academic standards at NFA!