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A Hockey Tradition

Norwich Hockey Club is looking for great families who can host a player (or two!).  
Help make a player's hockey pursuit easier while away from home by participating as a billet family. Host families receive a generous stipend of $1,000 per month. 
One of the most difficult things for a junior level hockey player is moving away from home. Norwich Hockey Club believes one of the components of success for these players is to provide a comfortable living environment.
Much is expected of our players both on and off the ice, and the added demands of living away from home and their families often creates added stress. As a result, we strive to find homes that provide a positive family environment. To help alleviate such inherent anxieties, our players, in turn, are strongly encouraged to embrace the challenges of moving into a new household and become actively involved with the family that has so generously welcomed them into their home.
And that’s what makes billeting – a hockey tradition – so unique and important, especially at the junior level. Host families providing a home to our out-of-town players is as essential to the success of our program as any other element. Billeting allows our students to complete their high school education while pursuing the next step in their hockey careers.
Being a billet family can be a very rewarding experience. Strong bonds develop between the player, his parents and the billet family, which often extend well into the future after the player moves on to the next level.
We value the importance of the billet families who open their homes to our players and appreciate the efforts made by the entire family in making our players' transition and pursuits easier.
Interested in learning more? Fill out this brief form and you'll hear from Karleen Daley-St. Jean, our Billet Coordinator.


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Number of household members UNDER 18 years of age.
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My signature indicates: I am age 18 or older,  and ALL adults in the household agree to undergo a background check, and take part in Safe Sport Training (provided by NHC). Signing this interest form does not guarantee placement in the Norwich Hockey Club Billeting Program. All applications will be vetted by our billeting coordinator.

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